Let’s write Chinese together!

Several days ago, Mandarin Collective held an activity of Chinese calligraphy corner for all our expat students. Predictably, this activity was warmly welcomed by the expats as soon as it was announced. They were all very active to take part in this activity.

Different expats came to Mandarin Collective for different reasons. Some were for their jobs, some were for their love for Chinese, and others were for their interests. Though, Chinese calligraphy, one of the quintessence of Chinese culture, deadly attracted all of them. Read more

Welcomed Chinese New Year

The first day of 2011 has passed already while Mandarin Collective welcomed a whole new year again. Last year, every step of Mandarin Collective left its deep print. We worked hard and made solid progress, creating continual miracles.

In the past one year, higher than 90% of our foreign students who learn mandarin with us chose to continue their classes in Mandarin Collective and more than 68% of them recommended us to their friends, families and colleagues. On the other hand, the training lessons of TCSL (the certificate of teaching Chinese as a second language) had earned extraordinary scores since the rate of fairly low compliment, being zero, and of high employment had fashioned the legend in this very industry. Read more

Mandarin Chinese

Most of people think Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Different people from different areas of China have different dialect. Also some people have the question where should I learn Chinese? Beijing or Shanghai? Which is the standard Chinese?

Mandarin is one of the categories of Chinese; people now cross China speak mandarin now and their own dialect.  For example, Shanghaiese speak mandarin and Shanghai dialect. From an official point of view, there are two versions of Standard mandarin, which are on the Mainland as Putonghua, and Kuo-yü (Guoyu in pinyin) in Hongkong and Taiwan. Read more