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Hello = Konichiwa! I find it amazing that people from different parts of the world can still communicate knowledge and ideas through the same LANGUAGE! I am Coral, and I speak Mandarin, English, Japanese and some interesting Chinese dialects. If you want to talk business in China, I have a master’s degree in economics, and can teach you the language and cultural tools necessary to succeed in business in China. In my experience, learning a language can be a ton of fun so long you find the best method that suits you. I like to teach and share my knowledge and experience in way that is best for my students. I hope I will have the opportunity to help you become Mr. China or Ms. China. Cheers!

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2 则回应给 “Shanjun Wang(Coral)”

  1. Harold (harry) 说:

    Hi there
    I’m Harry from “bilishi”, working on Expo2010 until the end, my mother-tong is french, and also speeks dutch (&english)
    But i would like to learn a the bases of Chinese.
    I was wondering if it was possible to have some lessons (very beginner)
    Let’s get in touch if you could help me

  2. Candy Shi 说:

    Hi Harry,
    Nice to meet you that day!

    Hope you have a wonderful Chinese learning experience with us!

    Mandarin Collective