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Hello everyone! My name is Jenny and I am an experienced and enthusiastic Mandarin teacher at Mandarin Collective. Four years’ learning as an English major in Shanghai University has not only cultivated me into a confident and fluent English speaker, but also enhanced my determination to spread Chinese languge and culture to the worldwide friends. I like to contrast Mandarin with other languages, especially with English. I try to find their underlying similarities both in sentence patten and sentence order so as to lighten students’ memory burden. As for the differences, I will try to use a variety of visual aids to help them understand. “Student-oriented” is the main feature of my teaching style. In my class, I always create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere in which you can fully enjoy the pleasure of learning Mandarin. I like to use gestures, role-play, vivid pictures, a variety of interesting games, and Chinese songs to inspire you to learn and help you memorize Mandarin in an easy and efficient way. Besides, I am also a Shanghainese. So whoever would like to learn Shanghainese, I am more than happy to share with you.

I love my job and have great passion in it. I hope I can have the honor to unfold the fascinating Mandarin before your eyes. Join me!

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