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Guten Tag! My name is Crystal and I am an experienced and qualified Mandarin teacher here at Mandarin Collective. I studied in Germany for over 5 years and I speak German fluently, so any Germans in Shanghai that are looking for someone to guide them in the adventure of learning Mandarin, then I am more than happy to help! I like to create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and utilize games and engaging activities to teach everything from Pinyin and tones for beginners to writing and reading for advanced learners. In my class, we try to use Mandarin as much as possible and to make the best of our time together. I want you to speak Mandarin and think Mandarin from the start of the class until its finish. I also speak Shanghainese for those interested and I look forward to helping unravel the fascinating world of Chinese culture. Let’s work together to achieve your goals!

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