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Mandarin Collective understand the feeling of new comers in China, because most of us also had been relocated or studied abroad. People will face the problem how to start to learn Chinese. Especially for total beginners. So let’s start to know the environment with the language touch. Mandarin Touch Program will provide you a platform to make new friend, to have some basic daily conversation in Chinese, and to get familiar with your living situation with Chinese people.

You will experience the interesting and effective Chinese class during the first beginning stage, and also you will practice your Chinese in the real life environment. Our professional “Life Teacher” will provide professional, qualified and effective teaching service, be accompany with you to enjoy Chinese conversation and real life in supermarket, local flower market, restaurant and shops based on your need.

Course Type Beginner Chinese + Practice Chinese
No. of Student Minimum 4, maximum 6
Time Schedule Twice a week, 2 lessons per time
Course Duration 20 Lessons ( 5 weeks) = 14 Beginner Chinese + 7Practice Chinese
Course Details Beginner Chinese include 5 practical conversational topics: shopping, take a taxi, self-introduction, ordering food, weather talk.Practice Chinese include 3 places to go, supermarket or local market, Shanghai technology museum, and Chinese restaurant. Or teacher will also adopt your group’s suggestion.
Course Location At school
Tuition Fee 38 RMB / lesson / person
Material Fee 150 RMB / book/ person
Total Amount



P.S. You can join our class schedule, or you can form your own class time, class location and study level if you have 5 people in your group (only need to pay transportation fee based on class location).

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