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                                                          Mandarin ”Touch”  Program

 - 5 to 6 students in class

 - Teacher set up study plan on your needs

 - Beginner Chinese + Practice Chinese

 - Involved in the real Chinese situation

 - Going out for a trip with your language teacher to Practice

 - You can learn Chinese with your friends, your colleagues and your family members

 - You can make friends with International Shanghai Expats.

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                                                          Study Tour Program                   

  - Create opportunities for tourism    

 - Experience Shanghai with your teacher

 - Involved in Chinese traditional culture activities

 - Learning Chinese while traveling in Shanghai

 - Achieve basic Chinese by focusing on practial oral skill

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                                                            Professional Business Program

 - Flexible timeschedule 

 - Focus on senior students

 - Make your oral Chinese more professional

 - Include professional field in Chinese learning

 - To progress on reading contract and email

 - Discover Chinese culture for a better understanding of Chinese way of thinking

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