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MandarinCollective is about people. Everyone here is focused on improving and constantly learning. As teachers, we know that life is a constant quest for knowledge. We help each other along that path and we work diligently to help our students. Mandarin Collective supplements its classes with a free language exchange program and free pod classes. We are determined for you to meet your language goals.

Ownership. – Mandarin Collective was created by teachers and is owned and managed by teachers. Every teacher here shares in the ownership of our community. We share resources, financial obligations and our students. By being intimately involved in the success of our school, we are able to provide the absolute best teaching and service to our students.

Focus. – We focus on language teaching, high quality teaching and a formalized training system.

Professional.Our teachers are not only qualified Mandarin teachers, but also have a wide range of expertise and specialities. Each of us is able to offer teaching based upon our particular knowledge base in addition to our Mandarin teaching. We all focus on what we do best and never promise more than we can deliver.

Teamwork. – We are a collective of teachers and working together is the backbone of our school. We strive to constantly improve through ongoing training, mentoring and teacher development. We help each other to develop so that we can better help our students.

Cost effectiveness. – We are committed to keeping costs down by being as efficient and effective as possible. We minimized waste both in resources and time. By focusing on keeping our costs down, we are able to provide better teaching with a more competitive price.

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