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Define your goals and create a plan. – We help our students to design a clear study plan based on each student’s level and expectations.  We also believe that the purpose of studying mandarin is not just to imitate or only be roughly understood. Genuine language study needs to be systematic and involve a  thorough understanding of origins, usages and structure. At Mandarin Collective, teachers guide students in their progress through the language with a step by step method from pronunciation to expression to grammar and, finally, to reading and writing.

Practical resources and materials. – We provide insightful advice to our students on choosing the books that are best suited to their particular needs and level and we design materials suited to each individual student’s progress. We are constantly developing our teaching materials and resources to ensure that they are practical, up-to-date and easy to follow. Done right, language study is not just a process of repetition and by rote memorization. At  Mandarin Collective, we use role playing and everyday situations to ensure the language you learn is functional and practical. Our students also have the opportunity to practice outside of the classroom with a language exchange partner from Mandarin Collective.

Understand the culture. – Language and culture go hand in hand. In China, there are various festivals, cultural activities and rules of etiquette that are vastly different from Western countries. At the Mandarin Collective, we help students to understand and feel confident in participating in this colorful culture through activities and role playing based on real situations. Our teachers also teach students how to understand the nuances of Chinese culture and the sometimes elusive meaning behind the language itself.

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