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The first day of 2011 has passed already while Mandarin Collective welcomed a whole new year again. Last year, every step of Mandarin Collective left its deep print. We worked hard and made solid progress, creating continual miracles.

In the past one year, higher than 90% of our foreign students who learn mandarin with us chose to continue their classes in Mandarin Collective and more than 68% of them recommended us to their friends, families and colleagues. On the other hand, the training lessons of TCSL (the certificate of teaching Chinese as a second language) had earned extraordinary scores since the rate of fairly low compliment, being zero, and of high employment had fashioned the legend in this very industry.All of these could not be achieved without the support of the lovely students, the partners who always bring us encouragements and our hard-working teachers. Those young teachers, who are also tenacious, strenuous and diligent, have stuck to their post, no matter in burning hot summer or chilly winter, and prepared to devote their knowledge, their passion and their spirits. They have become the indispensable motive forces for pushing forward the advance of mandarin collective, helping it move in the direction of growing up into the pacemaker in TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) industry.

In order to appreciate our teachers for their hard work and efforts in the past year, we mandarin collective held the gathering of teachers to welcome the New Year on Jan 22th. During the party, we enjoyed the laugh and happiness, enhancing the cohesion as a group and bringing infinite hopes to us. Now let’s take look at the pictures.

Come on. The group who collect the most stuff would become the winner.

Although the party came to an end, the laughter is still ringing in our ears. Now the spring festival is coming, mandarin collective wish every one a happiest new year ever.

Hey, what are you hesitating for? Come and join us.




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