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On 18th of December, Mandarin Collective held a big party for celebrating the Christmas 2010. It was a memorable experience for all the teachers and students, and they had a lot of fun in that afternoon with their laugh and love.

The whole classroom was well decorated and a gorgeous Christmas tree put in the middle of the lobby. Everyone would like to take a photo with the beautiful background until the party started. We prepared both Western and Chinese buffet for all the guests and the food was all home made by our lovely teachers. We’ve got sour and sweet duck, BBQ chicken, Greek salad, candied lotus root, prawns, meat ball, cookies, dim sum, snacks, drinks and etc.

The party was started by a welcoming speech from our senior teacher Cathy. She wished Mandarin Collective would get better and better in the near future and hoped everyone will be successful assuredly.  We had met lots of friends on the party chatting with each other and making jokes, however, the funniest part on this whole party was playing games. Party games are a brilliant way for a group of friends to get to know each other and to get over shyness. So our first game was YOU ACT AND I GUESS. There were two groups: blue team and red team. Crystal, Ron, Mario and Eugenia made up the blue team while Jesy, Danny, Warren (they got him a nick name: very very cute) and Kajar made up the red team. They played very well without any verbal communications and only by acting. Ron was a beginner in learning Chinese but he still got the top score of the game with Crystal who spoke Germany. 

The games were designed so that there were no winners or losers, just for the friendship. The second game was PASSING THE BALLNOON: everybody hand in hand with a circle and while Christmas music was played.The balloon was passed from one player to the next. As soon as the music stops, the player holding the balloon should read Chinese cross talk on the glasses. Then the music started again. Mario made us a surprise that he read the cross talk like a native speaker even better than a real Chinese, his Chinese teacher Jesy should be proud of him so much.

During the party we got several times of lucky dews. Three Chinese teachers from Mandarin Collective won the third prize, Lucky Ron and Jesy won the second prize, and the first prize went to our Chinese student Wuying. She shared her prize, two pack of chocolate with everyone and has brought the good luck to everybody.

At last, all of us wrote their new year’s wishes on a card and put it on the Christmas tree. The greeting from Mandarin Collective saying:

To all dear teachers and students from Mandarin Collective,

Thank you for supporting us throughout these years, your advices and experiences has been tremendously helpful. On this special day we send you New Year’s greetings and hope that someday soon we shall be together.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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