HSK Preparation Class

What is HSK?

HSK stand for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, means Chinese level test. This is organized by Hanban, Chinese education department. Until now, over 600,000 people attend this test, more and more Chinese universities, requires HSK 4 as the criteria for Chinese level entrance. Also many companies now put HSK certificate as the job requirement. 

HSK has 6 levels for the writing test, and oral test is now separated as an independent test.

We can HELP you to get:

1. Free evaluation for the current Chinese level, help you to set up the target level.

2. Free trial class to get the understanding of the teacher.

3. We offer FREE SECOND TIME STUDY if you didn’t achieve the target level.

 Choose us because:

1. We have 3 years-teaching experiences in HSK preparation exam.

2. We helped over 300 students achieve target HSK level, include 15students who passed HSK6.

3. We will help you to know your study progress every 20 hours.

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Cost and Price

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