Group Course – learn mandarin with fun

Looking forward to surviving in Chinese? Ever considered to speak Mandarin? Our school’s small group courses are fun and practical! You are very welcomed to bring your family member, colleague or friend who is also interested to study mandarin to join our group lesson. Our group class is divided into three different levels: (1) Elementary (2) Intermediate and (3) Advanced level.  Register now to get your own Group Class!

What can I achieve after learning ?
After successfully finishing all the classes, students are supposed to understand 1,000 vocabularies and characters, 80 grammars and sentence structures, common and formal sentences and conversation including  almost all the topics about daily life. (For example: Self introduction, Meeting clients, Make appointments, Shopping, Investigation of factory; Department Meeting, Social Networking, and etc.)


Is there any levels fit me?
(1) Elementary level helps you to communicate in basic daily Chinese language and starts with PINYIN, pronunciation of the syllables, simple Chinese vocabulary and grammar. When you finish the course, you’ll be capable of expressing yourself in simple Chinese language like introducing yourself, bargain at shop, ordering at restaurant, and etc. 

(2) Intermediate level allows you to have a deeper understanding of deeper Chinese grammar, language points and sentence structure. After finishing this level, you can speak sentence of two or more clauses. Also, you’ll recognize around 100 Chinese characters and possibly to write many of them if you work hard 

(3) Advanced level allows you to process the Chinese language without translating back to your mother language. It aims to help you to talk and think like a Chinese. Also the course will enhance your writing and listening skills. The student could choose business level material as supplementary content to help them to apply good level Chinese in business. By taking this course, students will be able to understand formal Chinese language both in oral and written form.

How many people are there in one class?
We will open a class with minimum 2 people, and maximum 6 people. So that the class atmosphere is the best and you will be also focused by teacher.

How can I register?
You could write to us via Our registration rule is: we will set the class time according to the FIRST TWO registered students’ request. Then the class will open, the following registered students only can follow the class schedule. If you have friend, come to join us together, we will open the class for you soon.            

Now opened classes, you can join now!

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