Let’s write Chinese together!

Several days ago, Mandarin Collective held an activity of Chinese calligraphy corner for all our expat students. Predictably, this activity was warmly welcomed by the expats as soon as it was announced. They were all very active to take part in this activity.

Different expats came to Mandarin Collective for different reasons. Some were for their jobs, some were for their love for Chinese, and others were for their interests. Though, Chinese calligraphy, one of the quintessence of Chinese culture, deadly attracted all of them.

At the calligraphy corner, the interesting Chinese calligraphy made all the expats excited and eager to have a try. From learning and writing the basic strokes and imitating the teacher’s handwriting to write simple Chinese characters, students increasingly found the specialty of Chinese characters and the fun of Chinese calligraphy.                                                   



Through the study of traditional calligraphy, expats would understand the character better and understand Chinese language deeper, and then they would be more quickly fit into the Chinese culture. Calligraphy made all the expats excited and longing for more.

In the future, we will take calligraphy activity into one of our usual activities, and we warmly invite those who are interested in Chinese culture and calligraphy art to the calligraphy world.