About Us

Mandarin Collective is a collaborative group of teachers and students who work together to make the study of Mandarin efficient, straightforward and enjoyable. What differentiates us from other private schools is our focus on our teachers. In fact, the Mandarin Collective has been developed by teachers and is run by teachers.

About Us About Us

Our Methodology

Genuine language study needs to be systematic and involve a thorough understanding of origins, usages and structure. At the Mandarin Collective, teachers guide students in their progress through the language with a step by step method from pronunciation to expression to grammar and, finally, to reading and writing.

Our Methodology Our Methodology

Mandarin Touch Program

Experience the interesting and effective Chinese class during the first beginning stage. Beginner Chinese + Practical Chinese, only 38RMB/lesson/person. Mandarin Collective professional “Life Teacher” will provide professional, qualified and effective teaching service, be accompany with you to enjoy Chinese conversation and real life in supermarket, local flower market, restaurant and shops based on your need.

Mandarin Touch Program Mandarin Touch Program

2017 Summer Campus Program

Summer Campus and Winter Campus is the activities only for kids and teenagers. The objective for the campus is to build up the confidence for kids when they are speaking Chinese. Mandarin Collective knows there are a lot of kids and teenagers who can understand Chinese, but not willing to speak out. So our program designed to help them to improve their Chinese using games interesting Chinese activities.

2017 Summer Campus Program 2017 Summer Campus Program

HSK Preparation Class

What is HSK?

HSK stand for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, means Chinese level test. This is organized by Hanban, Chinese education department. Until now, over 600,000 people attend this test, more and more Chinese universities, requires HSK 4 as the criteria for Chinese level entrance. Also many companies now put HSK certificate as the job requirement. 

HSK has 6 levels for the writing test, and oral test is now separated as an independent test. Read more

Group Course – learn mandarin with fun

Looking forward to surviving in Chinese? Ever considered to speak Mandarin? Our school’s small group courses are fun and practical! You are very welcomed to bring your family member, colleague or friend who is also interested to study mandarin to join our group lesson. Our group class is divided into three different levels: (1) Elementary (2) Intermediate and (3) Advanced level.  Register now to get your own Group Class!

What can I achieve after learning ?
After successfully finishing all the classes, students are supposed to understand 1,000 vocabularies and characters, 80 grammars and sentence structures, common and formal sentences and conversation including  almost all the topics about daily life. (For example: Self introduction, Meeting clients, Make appointments, Shopping, Investigation of factory; Department Meeting, Social Networking, and etc.) Read more

Let’s write Chinese together!

Several days ago, Mandarin Collective held an activity of Chinese calligraphy corner for all our expat students. Predictably, this activity was warmly welcomed by the expats as soon as it was announced. They were all very active to take part in this activity.

Different expats came to Mandarin Collective for different reasons. Some were for their jobs, some were for their love for Chinese, and others were for their interests. Though, Chinese calligraphy, one of the quintessence of Chinese culture, deadly attracted all of them. Read more